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Whassup everyone!

Oh gotta introduce ourselves first aha...... We, Joker Studio, a bunch of whimsical guys craving for fun,for crazy

ideas, for playfulness ! Since clumping together in 2018, we have already launched Identity V, all across the globe,

which , we dare say deserves a pat on the shoulder, agreed ? ! While Identity V product still being operated in

perfect control~ A hush-hush secret for those curious ears-intensive preparations for new projects have been

tiptoeing , tiptoeing... to Woooooah you all! Tick, tock, tick, tock......Hear that ? ! Tick, tock......Simply on pins and

needles , (Ouch! Really hurts...) waiting to meet you groups of chaos,in a whole new world at earliest possibility!

(Save us a pint when getting there!) Cheerio! Toodle-oo~


Join the Thrilling Party! Welcome to Identity V, the first asymmetrical horror mobile

game With a gothic art style, mysterious storylines and exciting 1vs4 gameplay,

Identity V will bring you a breathtaking experience.


Identity V is an asymmetrical multiplayer

survival horror game developed and

published by Joker Studio, and it's global

release set in July 2018. It is free to

download on the App Store, Google Play

and a version for personal computers was

later created. It follows a detective named

Orpheus as he unravels the mystery

behind a mysterious killing game within a

manor. The game is somewhat notable for

its crossover events, having crossed over

with video games, films and also the

manga/anime series.

The gameplay is structured around five

players participating in competitive

matches. The Hunter is tasked with

eliminating the other survivors before they

complete their ciphers.

About US

Founded in 2018, Joker Studio has grown to a diverse team of over 200 dedicated to the

development of stylized, innovative gaming. We present Identity V, which has become a bonafide

global hit with downloads exceeding 300 million and counting. While we continue to support

that game with engaging new content, we also promote extensive cooperation with esports,

artist co-branding projects and IP derivatives.

The mission is to empower and elevate innovations and inspirations, to create games with

unique attributes and to continue to deliver enriching sensory treats to global audiences.

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2014 Joker Development Team is established

2018 Joker Studio is founded

2018 Joker Studio officially launches Identity V

2019 Joker Studio sets up Derivative IP Team

2019 Event Team begins to operate

2020 New Product Development Team opens

2020 Competition League is created

2022 Stay Tuned!

A mischievous gaming

development team has spotted

in Hangzhou, China...

Enter Joker Studio in April.


Joker Studio's first stylized

innovative gaming product debuts

itself! Did I hear whistles?

Remarkable market achievements

come from all regions~

Expanding our spin-off business - AKA

merch! Now we've got keychains,

badges, cutouts, plush toys,

clothing, you name it!

Now let's set out to tackle the

systematic preparation for e-sport


Ssshhhh...Just gathering up a fresh

team to embark on brand new

projects quietly...

Here comes Identity V League!

And Voila!! Both IVS and IVC serve

as part of the series.

Apart from games we strive to

undertake other collaborations,

such as animated miniseries!

More is to come...


1-Ranked No.1 Most Download on the

App Store/Googe Play in Chinese Mainland,

Japan,Chinese Taiwan,

Chinese HongKong, and Thailand.


Google Play's Best of 2018 Users

Choice, Most Innovative Game,

and Best Competitive Game Awards.


Over 300 Million Total Downloads Worldwide.


One of the Top10 discussed

games on Twitter.

2019, 2020, 2021

Top Topics discusssed on Twitter.

2019, 2020, 2021

meet our team

"The harmonious collaboration of game development, entails

communication, innovation, and the art of compromise.

In essence, it becomes a quest to ascertain the most satisfactory common

solution, where those who persist sensibly, patiently, and resolutely will be

rewarded with a brilliant and distinctly stylized outcome.

Let us, after thoughtful reflection, joyously 'joke' through adventures. "

Favorite games : Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death、

Harvest Moon(1996)、Stardom 3


Art Director

"In game development we have experienced the anguish of fruitless ideas and countless

tribulations. Yet we've also been fortunate enough to savor the exquisite taste of success

and the joys of growth . The adversities turn out ingredients for forging wonders.

After all, we are not simply crafting entertainment ; but an 'Ark of Noah' bearing

boundless imagination and limitless creativity."

Favorite games : GRANDIA II、Pokémon Crystal Version、Persona 4 Golden


Game Designer

"Game development is a continuous tango between the game creator and their

inner self , their team , and players . Maintaining a tenacious passion,

nurturing a service-oriented mindset and carefully preserving one's own

equilibrium become the very tenets of what I consider the self-cultivation of a

true game developer."

Favorite games : Mario Bros.、Stardew Valley、Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Game program

"The beauty of game lies in its boundless surprises, and, of course, the occasional

shock. It's a realm where carefully crafted mechanics may go unnoticed, while an

offhand bug is celebrated as an intentional feature. Much like life itself, the

journey is filled with wondrous vistas. Cheerfully we gaze ahead, knowing that the

destination is where new adventure begins."

Favorite games : Sid Meier's Civilization VI、Fallout: New Vegas、

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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